Custom flexible film roll stock

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  • Lidding film

    Lidding film

    Lidding film is typically used as a closure on plastic bowls, cups, or trays that hold products like yogurt, soup, meats, cheese, and many other food products. Lidding is often a laminated construction, made up of foil, paper, polyester, PET, or all kinds of other metalized and non-metalized materials that make up the film. The film is specially engineered to peel without shredding. It retains a strong adhesion and tight seal for an extended shelf life with features of Peelable, Microwave-safe, Anti-fog, Freezer-safe, Self-venting, Grease and oil resistant, Printable, High barrier. Get a customized competitive quote here!

  • Plastic film roll

    Plastic film roll

    As the leader of the laminated film roll stock film supplier in China, we are proud of supplying various customized options for laminated roll stock film with high quality based on your needs, including the customized printing, weight, width, and diameter of your film roll, as well as your desired film structure. Our packaging specialists will work with you through every stage, gathering information and determining the right material, specs, and design, then provide the film for you to create your flexible retail packaging for pasta, candy, seasonings , snacks, and everything in between.Get a customized competitive quote here!